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Structural Correction is Different

The technique we use turns traditional chiropractic upside down. As the body ages, which way does it fall, forward or backward? Forward, of course. This is why the muscles on the back side of your body are so tight – they’re pulling hard to keep you upright.

Instead of having you lay face down on a table and pushing you MORE forward, we check you from head to toe and treat only the bones that are causing you to fall forward, move them backward and you will find yourself standing taller and feeling relief from the first visit.

Because what we do is different, we get different results. And because we make big changes in your structure, we take before and after pictures, so you will not only feel the dramatic changes, you can see them, too!



What People Are Saying

“Prior to my first appointment with Dr. Decker, I was unable to walk up and downstairs, and sit or lay without extreme hip and back pain. My first treatment alleviated 90% of my issues  Just amazing!”

“My neck throbbed, my hips ached, I was walking hunched over, I wasn’t sleeping, and had near daily headaches. I was absolutely crushed at the thought of not being able to continue to play…”

“Going in, I expected temporary relief from chronic pain, nothing more. Instead, I’ve found myself virtually pain-free and able to focus on strength and mobility rather than simple pain management.”

“Dr Decker’s chiropractic style was so different from any other chiropractic care I’d received. It was gentle – no giant pops, and cracks … the relief was almost instant!”



Ask Dr. Steph if structural correction can help you:

Commonly Treated Conditions

Neck Pain

Neck pain can show up as stiffness in the muscles, pulling when bending the neck side to side or rotating the head. It can be pinching in the back of the neck or down into the upper back, especially where the ribs are set between the vertebra. It can be aching that goes into the jaw or up into the head causing a headache.

Knee / Ankle Pain

Have you ever heard that knee and ankle pain can come from problems in the spine? There are several ways this can happen. Bones shifted in the pelvis and low back can pull on muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves causing pain to be felt in the joints of the leg.

Hip & Sciatica Pain

The sciatic nerve is a large bundle of nerve fibers that travels through the pelvis and down into the leg. Hip pain can be in the joint where the leg is joined to the hip or in the low back where there is a joint between the hip bones and the triangular bone at the base of the spine, the sacrum.

Back Pain

Most often, when there is back pain there are tight, knotted muscles involved. Some people believe the muscles are “too short” while other muscles are “too long” or attribute some other dysfunction to the muscles. The brain is causing these muscles to be tight with purpose.