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I had been seeing a chiropractor off and on for more than a decade – when I hurt I would see him – he’d adjust me and I’d go on my merry way. He retired two years ago. I tried two other chiropractors and their chiropractic and/or business methods were not a good fit for me.

Last year my former teammate, Dr. Decker, began treating me. Her treatment style worked for me and she understands the demands that life plus roller derby puts on my body. At the time she started treating me I was a few months from the end of my 4th season and my body hurt every single day; I wasn’t sure I would physically be able to complete the season. My neck throbbed, my hips ached, I was walking hunched over, I wasn’t sleeping, and had near daily headaches. I was absolutely crushed at the thought of not being able to continue to play and was scared I’d be relegated to a life of pain. Dr Decker’s chiropractic style was so different from any other chiropractic care I’d received. It was gentle – no giant pops, and cracks; I was skeptical it would help. But the relief was almost instant! My headaches were gone, I started sleeping better, I was upright and felt stronger than ever. I not only finished the season strong – my team won the championships!!

I wholeheartedly endorse this form of chiropractic care for both the everyday achy body and the athletically induced achy body – it is totally worth the time and the money to ensure a strong, pain-free life.

– Laurel


After years of playing contact sports, I learned to live with pain as the trade-off. Neck, back and lingering hip pain often side-lined me.

Going in, I expected temporary relief from chronic pain, nothing more. Instead, I’ve found myself virtually pain-free and able to focus on strength and mobility rather than simple pain management.

Because Dr. Decker treats the whole body rather than simple problem spots, I’ve been able to see noticeable improvement in my posture and body mechanics. I can now fully enjoy sports and life without nagging pain as a consequence!



My health is less than optimal. I am dealing with painful joint issues, but ABC Chiropractic technique is making my quality of life better and allowing me to regain my mobility, enabling me to address other health issues.

Definitely give it a try. This is a very different method of chiropractic treatment, much more gentle and body sensitive. Getting adjusted from the front does not make me anxious in the way traditional chiropractic techniques do. I’m never afraid I’m going to get my head twisted off like a villain in a James Bond movie.

Give yourself 2 months of treatment. As with any sort of body mechanic, adjusting to manipulation can sometimes take a while, but I’m sure after you become accustomed to the different nature of the treatment, you will prefer it.

Without Dr. Decker’s services I would be a mess. She keeps me pain free so I can continue to pursue physical therapy to improve other parts of my physical being. And she only treats you if it’s necessary. I don’t have to worry that she’s telling me to come in next week if I don’t really need it.

– Donna

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