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…of Advanced Biostructural Correction:

  1. Upright posture without effort – How we think of posture is backwards! Posture is not how you hold your body, but how your body holds you. When your body is in alignment you can relax and your posture will be upright. It’s when your body is falling forward (vertebrae are stuck or shifted slightly forward) that all those muscles in your back are pulling so hard to hold you up and your muscles ache, leading to “knots” of stored tension. You can get them massaged out, but unless the underlying structure is corrected, those knots will return.
  2. Improved joint function – The muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones of your body form a complex system and tightness in one area pulls and twists the body causing tension in other areas of the body. Often at the end of a treatment a patient will feel relief in a joint I never directly manipulated! You will notice this for yourself as you are being treated.
  3. All the joints from head to toe are checked and treatments applied only where needed every visit.  Removing underlying tension from the entire system allows the body to better heal itself.
  4. Your body continues correcting itself between adjustments!
  5. Sleep better
  6. Be more productive in your day: feel better, improved energy and save time when I come to you
  7. Many people find they are able to do sports and activities they haven’t done in years.

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