Hoop Dancing with KC Hoop Girl

Dr. Steph: Hi and welcome to Stay Mobile KC, your source for information and inspiration on getting and staying active in Kansas City. I’m Dr. Steph and I’m the chiropractor who makes house calls. So I come to you, whether you’re at home or at work, and I treat you right where you are. I bring my things, I bring my table to where you are. I set up, I treat you, I pack my things up and leave and you get right back to being productive. So I’m here today with Sirenna Beyer. She is KC Hoop Girl. Hi, Sirenna.

Sirenna: Hello.

Dr. Steph: So how did you get started in hooping?

Sirenna: I went to the doctor my blood pressure was really high, cholesterol was really high. Doctor said I needed to change my lifestyle. left the doctor and just happen to see a hoop dancing video. I was just mesmerized when I saw that. I knew I wanted to do that. So I bought a hoop and I just started teaching myself how to hula hoop for six months. I just stood still and waist hooped. And then I began reaching out trying to learn more skills. And in the process, I lost a lot of weight. I lost 30 plus pounds,

Dr. Steph: Great!

Sirenna: I toned up and I found joy.

Dr. Steph:Wonderful. And tell me how your doctor responded.

Sirenna: I went back to the doctor 60 or 90 days later because he wanted me to go back. My blood pressure was 190 over 90, so it was really high, and he wanted to follow up. So when I went back, my blood pressure was down, and my cholesterol he told me, was equal to that of an athlete. So my cholesterol went from way high to equal to that of an athlete.

Dr. Steph: Just with hula hooping.

Sirenna: That was all I did, just hula hooping.

Dr. Steph: Amazing

Sirenna: Hoop dancing,

Dr. Steph: Hoop dancing

Sirenna: which incorporates arms and moving your body and your legs

Dr. Steph: Right and I found out exactly that it really is a full body workout

Sirenna: It’s fun.

Dr. Steph: Yeah, I found I didn’t bring enough water.

Sirenna: Yeah, you want to drink a lot of water afterwards.

Dr. Steph: So what have you gained outside of the health benefits?

Sirenna: Well, It is so engaging. Your mind is engaged because you’re focused on that movement. Your creativity is allowed to come out. So I’ve made friends that will be my friends forever. I’ve helped people. I’ve helped them find joy. I’ve helped them tone up. Gosh, there’s just so much that I’ve gotten out of it.

Dr. Steph: Right and so from that visit with your doctor and taking up hoop dancing and now you teach hoop dancing.

Sirenna: I do. I like to share my passion.

Dr. Steph: So tell me about that.

Sirenna: I teach twice a week. Saturday mornings Sylvester Powell. That’s mission Kansas, and then Thursday 5:45 to 6:45 in the afternoon, at Village Presbyterian Church, Prairie Village, Kansas. I’m doing a special class at Kenilworth Apartments clubhouse November 23rd. And a free lesson December 6th at Sylvester Powell. All my classes are drop-in. $10 no RSVP required. I provide all the hoops and the hoops are all custom fit to your body size and your skill level. My favorite clients/students are the ones that come to me and say “I’ve never been able to hoop.” I know I’m going to make them happy in less than five minutes. Because the reason they feel like they can’t hoop is because they were hooping with a Walmart hoop. They’re very lightweight. They’re made for children, and not adults. The diameter does not give them enough space to move. It spins too fast. And with my hoops, once I fit them with the right size hoop, they’re almost always instantly hooping. And the smile is so big…

(video of Sirenna hoop dancing on roller skates)

Sirenna: I want to be able to hoop until I’m 80, 90, I just want to hoop forever. That would be my goal. But I’ve got (students) anywhere from 6 years old to 82 years old. Gosh, I just don’t know anybody that doesn’t really love it. Once they’re able to keep the hoop on their waist, and turn the music up and start the dancing.

Dr. Steph:So, I also read on your website that you do shows, tell me about that.

Sirenna: I do. I’m a hooper for hire. I do block parties, birthday parties, girl parties, bachelorette parties, events, benefits, festivals, weddings, balls. I do corporate promotions. I hoop for Macy’s on a regular basis. Sometimes I simply perform for the event. And other times I perform and I engage people. The way I do that is I spread the hoops. I sprinkle them around the area, decorate the area with them. And all I’ve got to do is turn the music on, have the hoops available, and build the dream or build the field and people will come. Just anything where there’s a 4 foot space, I can hoop.

Dr. Steph:4 feet is what you need?

Sirenna: About 4 feet is what I need.

Sirenna , thank you so much for having me here today. I really enjoyed the class, and it’s wonderful to meet you.

Sirenna: Appreciate it. Nice to meet you too.

Dr. Steph: Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, and I look forward to seeing you again next time.

(video of Sirenna hoop dancing to “You’re the One That I Want” with a partner)



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